Beretta M501 Sniper Rifle

Caliber: 7.62x51mm NATO
Magazine: 5 round detachable box magazine.
Barrel Length: 23" (586mm)
Barrel Profile: Heavy, Free-floating, Harmonic Balancer, 4 grooves (RH)
Weight: 12.2 lbs (5.56kg)
Stock: Wood with adjustable cheekpiece and rubber recoil pad.
Sights: Fully adjustable iron sights with provisions for optical sights.
Features: Harmonic Balancer, Flash hider, Bi-pod.

The Beretta M501 sniper rifle is the Italian Army sniper rifle. The integral harmonic balancer, contained within a tube hidden in the forend of the stock, is used to reduce the vibrations of the barrel, helping to improve accuracy. The rifle has been around since the mid 80's, and has earned a solid reputation as a fine sniper rifle. It could probably even be better with a synthetic stock, though the contour of the current stock is excellent. The rifle is issued with 1.5-6x42mm Zeiss scope. I have never seen one of these available in the US, and I'm not sure they are available outside the Italian military.

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