Canadian C3A1 & C3 (Parker-Hale M82)

Thanks to the CASR for the image!!

Caliber: .308 Win (7.62 NATO)
Barrel: 26" Heavy, Hammer Forged, Free Floating
Stock: C3A1 - McMillan A2
C3 - Wood with font Beavertail & accessories rail
Trigger: Single Stage, fully adjustable for weight, backlash, and creep.
Action: Modified Mauser 98 Bolt Action
Scope: C3A1 - Unertl 10x USMC
C3 - Kahles Helios ZF69 6x42

The C3 is a Parker-Hale Model 82 with a Kahles Helios ZF69 6x42 scope. The M82 is the sniper version of the Parker Hale 1200TX target rifle. The actions are glass bedded and the rifles tuned for accuracy, including the triggers. The original C3 was adopted in the Canadian military in the 70's and served very well for many years. The M82 was also adopted by Australia and New Zealand and some M82's still serve in a few other countries around the world. As most all Parker Hale rifles were, the model 82 was based on a Mauser 98 action. The M82/1200TX has won its fair share of shooting competitions and are known for excellent accuracy.

Back in the 80's, the Canadian military wanted to upgrade their sniper rifle, and decided to just upgrade their existing C3's. The rifle was renamed the C3A1 and really is an all new rifle. The most notable upgrades are the stock, scope, and addition of a 6 round detachable box magazine. The Canadians decided to use a McMillan synthetic stock and used the A2 with an adjustable saddle type cheekpiece and to glass bed it. Obviously this is a major improvement over the original wood stocks. The scope was also a nice upgrade, they went from the Kahles ZF69 to the Unertl 10x USMC. The C3A1 still serves in the Canadian Armed Forces along side their McMillan Tac-50's that have become so well known. There are active trials currently being done to evaluate a replacement for the C3A1's, the front runner is a Accuracy International Super Magnum in either .300 WM or .338 Lapua. But for the time being the C3A1 is still the primary sniper rifle and still has some good years left.

C3 with night vision scope

C3 (Pretty bad picture)

M82 (Thanks Enrico!!)

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