French FR-F1 & FR-F2
Thanks goes to Yann for the pictures and info.


Cartridge:7.5x54mm7.62x51mm NATO
Operation:Manual Bolt ActionManual Bolt Action
Scope:3.8x Power APX6X Power
Feed:10 round box magazine10 round box magazine
Weight Loaded:12.44 lbs12.75 lbs.
Length:44.77" (113.8 cm)47.21" (120 cm)
Barrel:23.60" (60.0 cm)25.57" (65 cm)
Twist:4 Grooves, Right 1:11.8"3 Grooves, Right 1:11.6"
Trigger weight:4.4 - 4.8 lbs4.4 - 4.8 lbs
Max Effec. Range:600 meters800 meters
Production:1966 - 19801984 - present

The FR-F1 was developed as a sniper rifle from the old Model 36 action, and has a padded cheek rest and an adjustable butt-stock, using a spacer system. The FR-F2 is an updated version of the FR-F1, it uses a different bipod-stock configuration and has some other general upgrades. These weapons have been around for quite some time and have proven themselves over and over. The FR-F2 is currently the standard issue sniper rifle for the French military. I have no direct experience with this rifle, but from what I hear the FR-F1 was limited by its 3.8 power scope. These rifles tend to be accurate and are a good sniping SYSTEM. The French have a fairly practical system in the FR-F2, with accuracy approaching 1 MOA on a good day.


Additional Images (Thanks to Ron for these pics)

FR-F1 and FR-F2


Sniper with FR-F1

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