Caliber 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 Win)
Length 44.25" (1124mm)
Weight 16.5 lbs (7.5 kg)
Barrel Schneider Match Grade SS #7
Barrel Length 24 inches (610mm)
Trigger Weight 3 to 5 pounds
Magazine Capacity 5 rounds
Sight Unertl 10x with Mil-Dots and BDC
Stock McMillan Tactical A4
Max Effective Range 1000 yards (915 meters)

In 1996 the USMC started on the design for the replacement of the M40A1, the result was the M40A3. It uses a remington 700 short action, with a steel floorplate assembly and trigger guard built by D.D. Ross. The Unertl rings and bases have been replaced with D.D. Ross base and G&G Machine rings. The rifles also come with a harris bipod and an accessory rail, also built by G&G Machine. The stock is a new McMillan A4, with adjustable cheek and length of pull.

As the M40A1's rotate in for service and repair, they are replaced by M40A3's. All M40A3s are built by USMC armorers at Quantico Virginia. The M40A3 is an outstanding replacement for the aging M40A1's. The rifles are extremely accurate, very rugged, and are designed from the ground up to be a superb sniper rifle. Combined with the new M118LR ammo, it makes a system that is ranked with the best in the world.

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