Barrett M-82A1 (XM107)

Caliber: .50 BMG
Magazine: 10-shot detachable box magazine
Barrel: 29"
Weight: 32.5 lbs
Length: 57" overall
Stock: Composite with Sorbothane recoil pad.
Sights: Scope with ironsights.
Max Effective Range 1830 meters
  • Semi-automatic
  • Recoil operated
  • Recoiling barrel to reduce felt recoil
  • Highly effective Muzzle Brake
  • Three-lug locking bolt
  • Self leveling bi-pod
  • Barrett claims 1 MOA with match ammunition

  • Believe it or not, the M82A1 is not that bad to shoot. The spotter actually suffers more than the shooter (Due to the muzzle brake sending the concussion out and back, usually right into the spotters face). While the potential for extreme long range shooting is there, the current military ammo is not up to the task. There is no military match ammo, and that really kills the accuracy potential of this rifle. Even with match ammo, the rifle will have a hard time holding its claimed 1 MOA, there is just too many moving parts. But, for its designed purpose as a long range hard target interdiction rifle, the M82A1 is hard to beat! Its semi-auto, 10 round capability against a light skinned APC is outstanding.

    I do not consider .50 BMG rifles true sniper rifles, they are much too large and heavy to be carried easily and effectively while a sniper team operates. I do feel they have an important role and should be in the inventory, but don't fool yourself into thinking they are an everyday sniper rifle. Use them when the mission dictates, which might include overwatch positions (where little movement is involved), defensive positions, small hunter teams searching hard targets (where more then just the sniper team goes out), etc. Because I do not consider the .50's a true sniper rifle, I have not really included any on my page, but the M82A1 is used by just about everyone, and its what I've been trained on, so I have included it on my page.

    UPDATE The US Army has officially adopted the M82A1 as their special purpose long range sniper rifle. Believe it or not, a bolt action won the trials but for reasons not entirely clear, the US Army decided to adopt the M82A1M (The M has a few modifications over the USMC M82A3). The official designation for the rifle is XM107 Long Range Sniper Rifle. The max effective ranges are listed as 1500 meters at materiel targets, and 1000 meters at personnel.

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