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MSG 90

Caliber: 7.62mm x 51
Design Objective Semi-automatic rifle for single fire
Operation Recoil-operated delayed blowback bolt system, firing from closed bolt position
Barrel Cold-forged, quenched and tempered barrel, 600mm long
Trigger Standard trigger with a constant trigger pull, approx 15 N
Vertically adjustable trigger shoe for widening the trigger
Stock Butt stock with lengthwise adjustable butt cap and vertically adjustable cheek-piece
Sights Telescopic sight mount for different types of daylight and night sight featuring STANAG fitting dimensions
Magazine 5-round or 20-round magazines at option
Features Handguard with T-way for fixing a firing sling or mounting the bipod

The MSG90 was developed as a cost effective alternative to the PSG-1, it has the same operating system and trigger. It features an adjustable stock, but not as fancy as the PSG-1 and it weighs 3 pounds less. The MSG90 makes a great designated marksman rifle (DMR), and in fact, the USMC evaluated 6 of them for their DMR contract. Ultimately the MSG90 was ruled out because it was not retrofitable to .300 WM.

The MSG90 can be expected to shoot 3/4 MOA with good ammo

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