Swedish PSG-90

Thanks to Karl in Sweden for the image!!
Caliber 7.62 NATO (.308 Win)
A submunition (using a sabot) has been adopted
Operation Bolt Action
Length 45.4 - 46.6 inches
Weight 14.65 lbs (6.7kg) In ready condition
Trigger Pull 4 lbs
Barrel Length 27" (685.8 mm)
Twist, Right Hand 1 turn in 10 inches
Magazine Capacity 9 rounds
Maximum Effective Range 900+ meters
Scope Hendsolt 10x42mm

The PSG-90 is the Swedish adopted version of the British L96A1, or Artic Warfare (AW). There is a few differences in the two rifles, mainly in the length of barrel and the twist. The PSG90 also uses a slightly different scope then the UK equivalent. The AW rifles have groves on the bolt to help improve reliability in the snow, a specific Swedish request. The AW series of rifles has a very good reputation and are being adopted in militaries around the world. Accuracy is sub MOA with military ammo, and down around .5 MOA with good match grade ammo. The standard ammo used by the Swedish armed forces includes a standard 7.62 (used in their Battle Rifles) and an AP round.

An interesting note is that the Swedish Armed Forces have adopted a sabot round for their snipers. It is a 4.81mm tungsten carbide round fired in a sabot case. This round exits the barrel at over 4400 fps. There is a degradation of accuracy (About 33%) but the time of flight to 1000m is almost half of the standard 7.62x51mm. This was a tradeoff that the Swedish Armed Forces viewed as acceptable. Currently the Swede's have three different versions of this ammo, with the first version (based on the SLAP rounds) being phased out and a newer, slightly heavier version being adopted for better penetration. With the right ammo, these rifles are seeing excellent accuracy.

Swedish Sniper with the PSG-90

Another shot of the PSG-90

Swedish MP Sniper (Thanks Karl)

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