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Well, for those of you that have been following Sniper Central over the years are aware of some of the rifles that we have built over the years. In fact, several years ago we had a wonderful idea of building a good solid entry level custom tactical rifle for a great price, and even conducted a survey to see what people were interested in and would like to spend their money on. We left it up for a short time until we had 1000 voters, and then went off of that information. You can see those results here:

Survey Results.

Based on those results, I decided to try offer a $1500 custom rifle which at the time, and still would be today, was a very good deal. I wanted to offer a .5" Guarantee at 100 yards and use McMillan stocks, Remington 700 action, MTR Barrels, etc. I even took a while and built a prototype to verify I could do it. Here is the fairly detailed documentation of that prototype build process which is kind of a fun read.

Prototype SC1

The results were achieved, and lessons were learned and on the whole I was excited and started producing rifles. The sales came slowly at first and then started to build up. It finally got to the point where we were working on a lot of rifles, too many in fact and it was no longer fun. While I had many very good experiences with the process there were MANY headaches, most of which were pretty much out of my control. And as many of you smarter people than I know, anytime you try to make money with something you enjoy and at the same time being a "nice guy" about it, it usually backfires on you. It became a job, or a chore, and I had to do something because I was not building the rifles to make a living and there was hardly any profit on the rifles, and yet it was a constant burden... so a decision was made to scale way back and just start doing the rifles for fun again. So that is what I did. The SC series of rifles ended and I started on just a few SER rifles as you can read about here:

SER page

And I have built a few of those, but even those are going to come to an end once the current crop is completed. So, have I completely stopped building rifles? No, and we probably never will, but I have found much more satisfaction and joy from doing the builds and write-ups on the builds for the writeups on the webpage, like the Sub $800 rifle write-up in the members section. Also, there are times when I may build a rifle for someone if the situation and work load are right. But the commercial rifle building is done, though I will obviously still support the rifles that have been sold. It was a great learning experience and I have decided I would rather support the builders that do it full time and then let me focus on the web page and write-ups I enjoy doing.

Now, with all of that being said, there are times when rifles and rifle packages may be available on SC, but these will not be custom built rifles. We are a licensed FFL dealer and I love to offer good deals to the readers and shooters out there, so continue to watch the SC Rifles section. The entry level packlage is indeed one of these deals and is currently available and will continue to be..

Now, I have many web pages devoted to the rifles when I was building them with lots of cool pictures, and I see no need to delete those, as they should provide some good information and ideas to others, so I have included a list of those pages below... enjoy.

Rifles we have built Information Pages
SC-M40 - USMC M40 Replica Prototype SC1
SC Rifle Works SCR SC1A2 Brown on Brown (02/02/05)
Picture Page 1 (Win Marksman stocks) SC Rifle Colors
Picture Page 2 (A5 Stocks)
Current Projects
Entry Level Tactical Rifle Package - Howa
Entry Level Tactical Rifle Package - Remington

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