Count On 160gr ASAT – Test Results

Manufacturer: Count On Tools
Ammo Test: 308 168gr Match

Date Fired: 13 April 2018
Time Test Began: 1131
Range: Deer Creek Shooting Complex
Wind: 4-7 MPH
Temperature: 41° F
Elevation: 3200′ ASL
Lot Number: COT032018

Factory Velocity: 2800 fps
Product Number: A.S.A.T.308-20
Purchase Price: est. $40.00
Bullet Used: 160gr A.S.A.T-20
Ballistic Coefficient: est. .496 (G1)

Our Notes: It is not often that radical new technologies are introduced in the long range shooting world, especially in the projectile realm. But Count On Tools, Inc. has done just that with their current development and testing of the Aero Spike Ammunition Technology (A.S.A.T.). The concept behind the ASAT is to lengthen the bullet in flight which will then provide improved aerodynamics, increasing the B.C., yet still allow the cartridge to fit in standard length magazines. The ASAT-20 lengthens the bullet from 1.370″ to 1.560″, growing it by 20%. Their calculations indicate an improvement of 11% in terms of reduction to the drag coefficient over the Sierra Matchking 168gr. By our napkin mathematics this 11% reduction in drag would in turn give us a very rough guess at a BC of .496 from the lighter 160gr projectile. Keep in mind that this is all very much in the experimental phase and Count On does not have a measured BC that they can provide to us. If we take that .496 as being somewhat close, that is very high for a light 160gr projectile which is then launched at 2800fps. This equates to excellent long range ballistics. Additionally, the bullet design does not have an aggressive ogive shape which should allow it to perform well in a wide range of rifles, which is what we experienced.

This is unique and specialized load actually performed very well in our tests with very good standard deviations and consistency. Count On is developing the bullet technology and is not an ammunition manufacturer and so this box of test ammo is likely hand-loaded, which would explain the excellent measured velocity results. But this also illustrates and shows the potential accuracy of the projectile as well, which performed very well in both rifles. It was loaded with the fantastic Lapua brass, which of course helps things. Count On is in the process of continued testing of the projectiles and they will be conducting a 1000 round evaluation where the actual BC will be measured and then they hope to license the technology to a large scale manufacturer. There is a chance that BC can be significantly higher than our rough guess. We include the test here to help Count On determine how their bullets are performing against the competition and as an informational release to snipers and long range shooters that may be interested in upcoming technologies. Additionally, there are some terminal ballistic advantages as well with rapid expansion on soft tissue, etc.

Current pricing on just the projectile is estimated to be $1.28 each.

Remington 700 SPS-V/P Test Results
Average VelocityStandard DeviationExtreme SpreadAccuracy w/flyersAccuracy no flyersBest Group
2831 fps13.94520.814″0.578″0.569″
  • Specialized new ASAT bullet design, grows 20% in length during flight
  • Very good SD
  • Accuracy shows a lot of promise
Tactical Operations Bravo-51 Test Results
Average VelocityStandard DeviationExtreme SpreadAccuracy w/flyersAccuracy no flyersBest Group
2846 fps9.7934.451″.451″.348″
  • Single digit SD with low extreme spread, very consistent
  • Excellent accuracy, specialized bullet seems to have good potential
  • No issues firing through a suppressor

NOTE: “Accuracy with flyers” includes the raw averages including groups where the shooter called a bad shot before rechecking the placement of that shot. The “average without flyers” is the average group size with those “flyer” groups not added in.