Sniper Schools

Below you will find some limited information about the various sniper schools found around the world. If you have experience with other schools from different countries, please let us know, we would love to add the information

Dept of Energy Sniper School

Name:Dept. of Energy Sniper School
Address:Central Training Academy
Address2:Kirtland Air Force Base
Address:Albuquerque, NM 87117
Duration:Typically 2 weeks
Description:Actually conducted by a civilian contractor,this school is orientated toward tactical team operations, specifically for DOE security forces, but open to all LE.

FBI Hostage Rescure Team (HRT) Sniper School

Name:FBI Hostage Rescure Team (HRT) Sniper School
Address:Firearms Training Unit
Address2:FBI Academy, Building 9
Address:Quantico, VA 22135
Duration:1 Week??
Description:The HRT sniper school co-located with the USMC sniper schools. Teaches advanced police oriented sniping techniques proven through use by the HRT.

Special Forces Sniper Course – Basic

Name:Special Forces Sniper Course – Basic (Formerly SOTIC)
Address:Company D, 2nd Batt, 1st Special Warfare Training Group
City:Ft. Bragg, NC 28307
Duration: 6 Weeks
Description:The long standing Special Operations sniper school that is open to special operations personnel from all branches and many foreign countries. Advanced techniques and topics are taught in this school that are not taught in the other US Military schools. The SOF Sniper Course now has a SFSC “Advanced” course as well.

US Army Sniper School

Name:US Army Sniper School
Address:Company C, 2nd Batt, 29th Inf Reg
City:Ft. Benning, GA 31905
Duration:7 Weeks
Description:US Army’s basic sniper school for combat infantrymen that covers all the fundamentals of sniping. A very solid school for combat sniping.

US Navy SEAL Sniper School

Name:US Navy SEAL Sniper School
City:Both East and West Coast
Duration:3 Months
Description:A very difficult and thorough school conducted periodically by USN Training Detachment on both the East and West coast for the various SEAL teams.

USAF Advanced Designated Marksman Course

Name:USAF Advanced Designated Marksman Course
Address:Camp Robinson
City:Littlerock, AR 72199
Duration:3 Weeks
Description:A basic Designated Marksman school for cadre and SP personnel.

US Army National Guard Sniper School

Name:USANG Sniper School
Address:Camp Robinson
City:Littlerock, AR 72199
Duration:two 2-week phases
Description:The same curriculum taught at the US Army sniper school at Ft. Benning but conducted in two phases and tailored to US Army National Guard personnel.

USMC Scout Sniper School – Basic

Name:USMC Scout Sniper School – Basic
Address:Weapons Training Battalion
Address2:Marine Corps Combat Development Command
City:Quantico, VA 22134-5040
Duration:7 Weeks
Description:USMC basic Scout Sniper course for STA platoon members.