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Welcome to The Sniper Central Letter.

The Sniper Central Letter (SCL) is a semi-regular, currently about once a month, email newsletter written by us here at Sniper Central. The intent of the Sniper Central letter is to focus on living the Sniper’s life which entails all aspects of the Military and Law Enforcement sniper. The newsletter covers topics such as firearms, marksmanship, field-craft, outdoor adventure, military history, tactics, camping, survival, and other directly related topics as well as some other general living topics such as financial safety, liability and other topics. The Sniper Central Letter is primarily directed toward Military and Law Enforcement snipers but civilian enthusiasts are encouraged to subscribe.

Each edition of the Newsletter will contain at least one new and unique article relating to the Sniper’s life and may contain a few more tidbits or random ramblings, though always at least loosely based on Sniper related topics. Currently the Newsletter is free and the long term plan is to keep it that way. If you are already a member of Sniper Central you will already have online access to all previous editions of the Sniper Central Letter, but to receive the emails in your inbox, you will need to subscribe here.

To signup for the SCL simply fill out your information below and you will be subscribed! It is also easy to unsubscribe at any time by following the instructions in the verification email.

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy the letter!

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