SC Mk12 Heritage SPR

Shown in standard Mod0 configuration

The Mk12 SPR has a special place in many special operators hearts. It is a rifle that seemed to “punch above its weight” that gave it a capability that seemed to exceed the sum of its parts. Here at Sniper Central we have grown to love this light weight semi-auto SPR rifle that could serve as a DMR or even urban style sniper rifle. Because of this fondness, we decide to release the SC Mk12 as the first on our series of Heritage sniper rifles.

The purpose of our Heritage rifles is not to create a 100% replica, but rather to build 95% recreations with slight changes to improve performance, reduce costs, and enhance the functionality of the rifles. One of those changes with our SC Mk12 was the ability to chamber the rifle in 6mm ARC, a cartridge that we find improves the long range capability of the Mk12 giving the rifle true 1000 yard performance. Of course, the rifle is still available in .223 as well.

For our core components, we use the excellent Aero Precision parts and of course, use the standard Precision Reflex, A.R.M.S. and other correct parts as needed. Accuracy with these rifles is around 1 MOA. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Notice: Due to continued supply issues we are not currently taking any new rifle orders in an effort to get the current back log of rifle packages caught up and completed. Once we have caught up, we will once again consider taking new orders.:  Expect 12+ month build times.

Rifle Configurator

Package: SC Heritage MK12 SPR
Description: The SCMK12 is a tribute to the Mk12 that were used with amazing results by US Special Operations in the War on Terror. We allow the purchaser some options on the rifles to pattern them after the Mod 0, Mod1 or Mod H with some other options.
Build Time: Approxmately 6-9 Months, depending on options
Action: Aero Precision AR15 Lower & Upper [details]
Aero Precision AR15 Lower & Upper plus ERGO grip +$21 [details]
Barrel: 16" SS SPR Contour Barrel [details]
18" SS SPR Contour Barrel [details]
Caliber: .223 Rem/5.56 NATO [details]
6mm ARC [details]
Trigger: Mil-Spec Trigger [details]
Jard ARJ +$70 [details]
Schmid 2-Stage +$80 [details]
TriggerTech Comp +$225 [details]
Geissele SSA-E +$240 [details]
Muzzle Device: Ops Inc. - No Aux Sights [details]
Ops Inc. - Aux Sights +$288 [details]
Finish: Black Anodized [details]
Cerakote - FDE +$80 [details]
Charging Handle: GI Charging Handle [details]
M84 Gas Buster +$70 [details]
Stock Style: A2 -$-50 [details]
Magpul ACS (MAG370) [details]
Stock Color: Black [details]
FDE [details]
Scope: Other - Special Order [details]
No Scope [details]
Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x24mm AR-BDC (SE-1624-1) +$315 [details]
Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8x24mm AR-BDC3 (SE-1824-2) +$395 [details]
Vortex Viper PST Gen II 3-15x44mm FFP EBR-2C (PST-3155) +$776 [details]
Burris XTRII 2-10x42mm G2B (201023) +$778 [details]
Burris XTR II 3-15x50mm MIL SCR (201031) +$798 [details]
Nightforce NX8 1-8x24 F1 FC-MIL (C598) +$1540 [details]
Rings & Base: PRI Recce Rail, No Rings [details]
PRI Full Rail, No Rings +$30 [details]
PRI Recce Rail, ARMS #22 Rings +$130 [details]
PRI Full Rail, ARMS #22 Rings +$160 [details]
PRI Recce Rail, NF Extreme Duty Rings +$150 [details]
PRI Full Rail, NF Extreme Duty Rings +$180 [details]
Bipod: No Bipod [details]
Magpul Bipod - Black +$95 [details]
Magpul Bipod - FDE +$95 [details]
Harris Bipod BR 6-9" Swivel w/ARMS QD Mount +$230 [details]
Atlas PSR bipod +$302 [details]
Case: Plano Double Rifle Case [details]
Pelican 1700 Black w/cut Foam +$300 [details]
Shipping: Ground +$60 [details]
Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands +$150 [details]
Addons: Logbook +$14 [details]
Butler Creek Scope Caps +$18 [details]
TAB Gear Rear Bag +$20 [details]
TAB Gear Sling +$68 [details]
SC Ballistics Card +$8 [details]
Bore Snake +$16 [details]
No Zero +$0 [details]
Glass Bedding +$175 [details]