Industry Visits

A big part of what we do here at Sniper Central is attempt to keep the sniping community up to date on products, events, news, and information regarding snipers, sniping in general, and the sniping community. As a means of helping provide this insight into companies that are an integral part of the sniping industry we started visiting these companies to help enlighten our readers and viewers about their virtues and contributions. As you read these industry visit reviews below hopefully they will provide useful and entertaining knowledge for your use. We also would love to hear from any other companies that would like to get their word out about how they benefit the art of sniping, perhaps we could arrange a visit to your facility. Just let us know.

  • Ritter & Stark: State of the Art rifle building (Austrian Rifle Manufacturer)
  • Leupold Optics: The Pioneer Evolved (USA Optics Manufacturer)
  • Defiance Machine: Custom Actions at their Finest (USA Custom Action Maker)
  • US Optics: Transitioning to the Future (USA Optics Manufacturer)