The Sniper Central Experience

When it comes to training, Sniper Central has long been recognized as providing some of the most personal and effective long range marksmanship training available. The reason is because we focus on keeping our classes small and spending one on one time with each student insuring that they individually understand what is being taught. The Sniper Central Experience (SC Experience) takes this training philosophy to a whole new level! Instead of just attending a class, we now offer you and your teammate the opportunity take part in perhaps the most effective and immersive training available.

The SC Experience consists of 5-days of exclusive training for just your two-person team. The training is personally tailored to your experience level and what you want to experience and learn. There is no expectation of knowledge and the SC Experience can be setup for any skill level from the beginner team up to an experienced sniper team. The SC Experience is more than just training, it is an all encompassing experience to be enjoyed and cherished and it can be the start of an ongoing series of SC Experiences conducted over months and years. From the moment you land at the airport, or meet us when you drive into town, everything is taken care of… and we mean everything!

Part of the SC Experience includes two complete sniper rifle packages, one for each team member, that are yours to keep at the end of the Experience. Yes, you read that right, two new sniper rifle packages are provided for the attendees to train with, to love, and to welcome into their family. If the Experience attendees would prefer, we can keep their rifles in our collection here at Sniper Central for use again be the attendees in another SC Experience at a later date. Of course, those rifles will only be used by you and no one else… they are yours! Of course, if you have your own rifles, you can use those instead of the new rifles, this would reduce the cost of the SC Experience.

The rifles are just the beginning of what is provided, the SC Experience includes all of the following:

  • Two rifle packages (one for each SC Experience attendee)
  • Five nights of lodging provided (One room with a choice of either two Queen or one King size bed)
  • Food provided (Breakfast at the hotel, sack lunches during the day, meal cards for dinner at local restaurants)
  • Transportation to and from the training areas
  • Five days of customized training including creative and entertaining engagements. Each day will be about 8 hours of training
  • Final day scenario engagement
  • At least one SC Experience director on hand at each training session to teach the block of instruction and to insure safety

The purpose of the SC Experience is to provide a fun and personalized experience to develop, maintain or enhance long range shooting and fieldcraft skills. It is literally a one-on-one knowledge sharing experience as each SC Experience is unique for each specific team or individual. If you do not have a teammate to come with you, let us know, we may be able to match you up with another individual. A list of available blocks of instruction and range experiences to choose from are available on the right hand side of this page. You can select from these to organize each of the five days of training. Please contact us if you have any questions as the shooting blocks will take longer than training blocks and we can provide approximate times. If you do not know where to begin, don’t worry, we are here to help and can even provide a sample schedule of instruction to fit your needs or desires. The SC Experience is all about you and what your team would like to accomplish!

Come Experience what YOU want to learn and enjoy from some of the best and enjoyable experience around!

Basic SC Experience Price (Including rifle packages): $15,500 USD
Basic SC Experience Price (No Rifles): $10,500 USD

Please contact us with any questions are to schedule your SC Experience