Rifle Package Purchase Process

Important Purchasing Process Information

Due to regulations dictated by the ATF, we cannot directly build a rifle to your specs and send it to you without it being considered “Manufacturing”. If we manufacture the rifle it then imposes an additional tax and requires additional markings with our name and location, which also adds cost. So, in an effort to keep the price of these packages low, we have to instead perform “Gunsmithing” on the rifle instead of manufacturing it.

How do we do this? It means that we need to send to your chosen dealer the base Remington or Howa rifle, as is, the way it comes from the factory and then have the dealer transfer the rifle to you per the normal firearm purchase process. At that point you ship that rifle back to us. Now, before you shake your head and dismiss the idea, we do everything we can to make this process simple including placing a return UPS shipping label in with the rifle so you literally just slap the label on the rifle box and drop it off at the nearest UPS shipping station and away she goes back to us.

An added advantage is that by going through this process we are then able to ship the completed rifle package DIRECTLY to you when it is complete, no need to go through your dealer again as the rifle has already been transferred to you.

But, you may say, how long does this slow the build process down? The answer is, none at all! The reason is because as soon as the rifle order is placed, we order up all of your additional parts and accessories at the same time that we send the base rifle out to your dealer. So the wait process begins immediately. Now, you will want to get the rifle back to us as soon as possible so we do not get held up waiting on it, but it should not alter the wait time at all. Now, if the State you live in has a waiting period, you will go through that waiting period when picking up the base rifle from your dealer, but even a 2+ week waiting period should not delay your package completion at all. As soon as you get the rifle, send it back to us using the included shipping label (no cost to you).

So to summarize, the process goes like this…

  • You configure and order your rifle on the rifle order page.
  • As soon as you can, get your dealer to fax or send a copy of their FFL to us as described on the Firearm Purchase Information Page.
  • We ship the factory base rifle to your dealer immediately
  • We also order all of your accessories and other parts needed to put together your rifle package.
  • The rifle arrives at your dealer and you go and fill out the normal paperwork and they transfer the rifle to you.
    (This is where any waiting periods for your state would apply as well).
  • You take the rifle in its box and attach the included UPS shipping label and drop the rifle off at your local UPS pickup place to be returned to us.
  • We get the rifle back here and then build it into your ordered package.
  • Once the rifle package is complete, we ship the rifle DIRECTLY to you, no need to go through your dealer again.
  • You go to the range and enjoy your new long range shooting partner…

I know this seems like an odd procedure but it is what has to happen to remain in compliance and for the rifles not be deemed “manufactured”. If you would prefer not going through the above process, take a look at our Sniper Central branded rifles as well, though the cost is higher.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us.