Firearm Purchasing Information – Non Packages

To find out about the purchase process of our SC Rifle Packages head over HERE.
For all other firearm purchases, read below.

Can I really buy a firearm over the internet?

Yes, as a matter of fact, you can. But it does involve following a procedure since the purchase of firearms is a strictly regulated process by the BATF. The basic process of purchasing a firearm over the internet, or in any remote location, is that once you purchase the firearm we will then ship it directly to the dealer of your choice and they will then have you fill out all the official paperwork to do the back ground checks just like any other local firearm purchase and then they transfer the firearm to you.

The specific steps to take to purchase a firearm from Sniper Central are:

  • Select and then pay for a firearm directly from us here at Sniper Central which would include shipping costs to your dealer.
  • Locate a firearms dealer that you would like to perform the transaction for you. Typically they will have you fill out a form with your contact information and possibly information about the firearm you purchased. They will also likely charge you a small fee, usually $25-$75 depending on where you live. Do not be afraid to shop around to see who offers the best deal and who you feel comfortable with. Do not forget pawn shops, they are usually very willing to make an easy buck and lots of times are the cheapest. They will also want to know our information so give them our name and phone number and they will probably FAX their Federal Firearms License (FFL) to us, so be sure to have our FAX number with you when you talk to them.
  • Once the firearm is paid for and we have a copy of the dealers FFL on hand, we will then ship the firearm to your dealer. By law we have to ship it to the address on their FFL so we do not need any specific information about the dealer, but it is very handy if they can put your name somewhere on the FFL when they fax it so we can quickly associate that FFL with your purchase.
  • We ship the firearm with your name and contact info on a receipt with the firearm. The dealer will then look up your transfer information and contact you when it has arrived. We typically will send the tracking number to your email address, if provided, so you can track the package and then know when it arrives at your dealer’s location.
  • Once the firearm is in your dealer’s possession, you will then need to fill out the proper BATF firearms transfer form (form 4473) just as you would with any other firearm purchase and that information is submitted for a back ground check. All normal laws will be abided by with your dealer, so any waiting periods and other laws will then go into effect.
  • At that point, you will pay your dealer his fee and the firearm will be transferred to you.
  • Go out and shoot your new firearm!

It may seem like a number of hoops to jump through, but it is really quite an easy process and all firearms dealers are familiar with the process and usually are very happy to walk you through the process. Just go in and let them know you are purchasing a firearm from another state and that you want them to perform the transaction.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us.

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