Sniper Central Instructors

Sniper Central does not just employ just any ol’ shooter for our instructors, but rather, we use only those that have the background skills required, and more importantly, those that have a passion to teach! We insure that all of our instructors do not have egos and are there to make sure the students get the attention they need to develop their skills and learn the subject matter being taught. Every one of our isntructors is easy going, approachable and wants to help the students learn the finer art of long range marksmanship. Whether you are a new long range shooter attending a basic Long Range Precision Marksman course, or a field experienced operator attending a POST certified high angle engagement course, we will be professional and insure you are satisfied with the material being taught.

Take some time and review the background of each of our instructors below. Each of these instructors will teach the different classes in different roles at various times, so you may see any or all of them listed below.

Melvin Ewing – Head Instructor

US Army National Guard, Montana 1993-1999
Formal Schooling:

  • US Army OSUT – Infantry (11B)
  • US Army Mechanized Infantry (11M)
  • US Army Sniper School, Ft. Benning (B4)
  • FBI SWAT Sniper – Basic
  • Primary Leadership Development Course – US Army
  • Tactical Tracking: Level 1 – Nortrack
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (Computational Option), Minor Computer Science, Minor Political Science

Leadership Roles

  • Sniper Team Leader
  • Fireteam Leader
  • Founder, Owner and President of Sniper Central
  • Expert Rifleman Badge
  • Local Bishop and Seminary Instructor

Bryon Eyre – Instructor

US Air Force – 1995-2015
Formal Schools:

  • USAF Security Forces
  • USAF Law Enforcement Craftsmanship
  • USAF Combat Arms Instructor
  • USAF CATM Supervisor Course
  • Beretta Tactical
  • USAF Advanced Designated Marksman

Neil (OPSEC) – Instructor

Canadian Armed Forces & New Zealand Defense Force

Formal Schools and Training Include:

  • Infantry Battle School
  • Combat First Aid
  • Small Arms Instructor – Basic & Advanced
  • Section Commanders Course
  • Winter Warfare
  • Basic Reconnaissance Course – CAF
  • Basic Sniper Course – CAF
  • Craft USA Police Sniper
  • TTTS Combat Tracker
  • USMC Combat Hunter Tracking Instructor Course
  • Sniper Detachment Commander Course
  • Combat Veteran

Leadership Roles:

  • Sniper Detachment Commander
  • Battalion Sniper Sergeant