Tactical Operations – Rifle Purchase

All orders will be handled by the factory direct, I’m just the friendly guy who can answer some questions.

After a rifle has been ordered, a 50% deposit is required before construction of your rifle will begin. Due to the amount of items required to be purchased when construction begins, this initial deposit is non-refundable. Upon completion, the remaining 50% is due. Once the balance has been paid, the rifle will be shipped from Tactical Operations directly to a licensed dealer. Other means of delivery can be arranged. All federal and local firearms laws will be complied with.

Please direct all questions to info@snipercentral.com We would be happy to answer any questions you have.

Tango-51.308 6.5CMMcMillan Sako VarmintThe standard Tango-51
Echo-51 / Echo-66.308 .300 6.5CMMcMillan A23-Way fully adjustable stock
Delta-51 / Delta-66.308 .300 6.5CMMcMillan A33-Way fully adjustable stock
Lima-51 / Lima-66.308 .300 6.5CMMcMillan A4Adjustable spacer system
Alpha-51 / Alpha-66.308 .300 6.5CMMcMillan Baker Special3-Way fully adjustable stock
Bravo-51 / Bravo-66.308 .300 6.5CMMcMillan McHaleMy personal favorite
Xray-51 / Xray-66.308 .300 6.5CMMcMillan A5The latest
Sierra-51.308 6.5CMMcMillan M40A1It looks like a M40A1, it shoots like a M40A1
it must be a M40A1!
Charlie-45 / Charlie-51.223 .308 6.5CMCustomBreakdown rifle, guaranteed repeatable zero.

Scope, Rings, and Bases are not included in the price
Shipping/Handling/Insurance is not included in the above prices
Discounts on orders of 2 or more rifles.
Currently there is a 12-16 month wait on all rifles.
Adjustable spacer system is available upon request.