Hello again everyone. We spent a chunk of time on Saturday getting the rifle ordering pages back up and then we took Sunday off. Personally, I was a bit fried from the week and I spent the day at church and home with the family.

But today is a new day and start of a new week and we were back at it again and we were able to get a chunk of pages back online. Here is a brief summary of the pages that are now live again. If you haven’t seen these pages for a while, feel free to check them out and give me some feedback!

Thanks again everyone for sticking with us through this very trying time. We plan to have some fresh NEW content out this Friday as we continue to slog through getting some of the old stuff back up too. And changing some stuff along the way…

Sniper Central

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Hi Mel,
Dave from Australia, im so happy to see you’ve stayed the course. I can’t express how happy my mates and I am that your getting your site back in order. My best wishes to you and your family for turning this near death experience around.
God bless you all


Went through my files and found several hundred pages of material that I had saved into open office for offline reading. Is there somewhere I can send you a copy?


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