It has been a few years since Remington declared bankruptcy and stopped production. Now with new owners they are slowly bringing things back online and as such, we are able to get heavy barrel Remington rifles again. This allows us to once again offer the base Remington packages using a standard Remington barreled action. There are a few caveats though, the prices have gone up, but that is the case on everything these days, and the other one is that right now only the .308 is available.

In regards to getting custom Benchmark barrels for other calibers and builds, the barrels are the big hold up right now…they are taking about 9 months to get which is a pain. But they slowly find their way to us. Hopefully the “supply chain” issues resolve in the next year or so, but its painful right now. Stocks, which used to be the slowest thing to get, are now the easiest thing to get!

Anyway, you can take a look at our Remington ordering page here:


Shayne Newton

I am looking for a Remington 700 .308 b/a 24-26″ heavy barrel. Could you help?


b/a as in Barreled Action?
Remmy doesn’t sell just barreled actions, but we can source a complete rifle or an action and put a barrel on it.


I have one if you are interested. Mel built it for years ago and it is a tack driver. I won many matches with it.


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