There is so much going on right now in the world and around Sniper Central that I wanted to just give a quick update

Covid-19 and our classes – I guess one of the side benefits of conducting small classes is that it means we are keeping our social distance! We limit our class sizes to a max of 12 and as such, we still plan to conduct all of our Long Range Precision Marksman classes and Designated Marksman class. But, our Stalking class has been cancelled. The reason is because the leave for one of our primary instructors was cancelled due to the Coronavirus. This is an instructor intensive course and this has prevented us from continuing with this class. Refunds have been issued. But the rest of our classes will go on as normal.

Site Rebuild – As you probably have noticed, each day more of the original pages come back online. There will be some that are lost forever, but most of it should be there. It has given us an opportunity to change things up a bit and you may have noticed that there is a new “fieldcraft” section that has replaced the “Sniper Central Insiders”. We have elected to remove that members only area and will be releasing all of that content under fieldcraft and other areas.

New Content – Some articles currently in the works: Remington 700 5R Gen2 review, Leupold Mk5HD review, Vortex Razor Gen2 review, Facepaint review, Rifle Camo Part 2, and many more

Be safe everyone, these are crazy times.

Us keeping our “Social Distance”



Looking for a Springfield 1903A4 sniper rifle with the end of the barrel threaded for a suppressor any ideas where to get one


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