• Manufacturer: Remington
  • Model: 700P & 700LTR
  • Caliber: 7.62x51mm NATO (.308)
    5.56x45mm NATO (.223)
    .300 Win Mag
    .300 Rem Ultra Mag
    .300 SAUM
  • Barrel: Remington Heavy Barrel Contour (Fluted on LTR)
  • Barrel Length: 26" (660mm) on 700P
    20" (508mm) on LTR
  • Twist: 1:12" RH (308)
    1:10" (300WM)
    1:9" (223)
  • Magazine: 3-5 round internal box, hinged floorplate
  • Stock: Matte black, HS Precision semi-beavertail, Palm-Swell
    LTR stock is slimmed down to save weight and size.
  • Metal Finish: Parkerized
  • Street Price: $ 900

The Remington 700P is a very nice sniper rifle for the money. This “Entry Level” rifle is quite capable of shooting .5 MOA right out of the box (.75 MOA is more common). This rifle has all the right features for the right price. It uses a HS Precision stock with palm swells and an aluminum bedding block. The actual action and barrel are the same that are used on Remingtons varmint rifles, with the difference mainly in the stock. Packaged combinations, known as the 700P Tactical Weapons System (TWS) can be bought from the factory and includes a carrying case, Harris Bi-Pod and a Leupold Veri-X III 3.5-10x Tactical Scope with Duplex reticle. The package has some other goodies also.

The 700P (and its variants) have come to be the standard for police agencies. Remington has been introducing new models also, including the LTR and others. The LTR was designed as a lighter weight, compact tactical rifle for urban situations. It has a 20″ fluted barrel and a slimmed down stock. Accuracy is about the same as the standard 700P, but you will lose some velocity with the shorter barrel. Technically, Remington only sells them to law enforcement, but the rifles are available through various distributors to civilians.

Update: The 700P has been modernized and we are will have a full review soon.

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Hristo Apostolovski

A really good practical rifle , compact , good accuracy ,
Worth every dollar ,


Hi, do you have chance to test recent 5r versions of 700p and 700 ltr?
Are they still good shooters?


They are good shooters, but I don’t know if they are as good as the originals. We have a new 700P 5R here for review, but that writeup is a few months out.


I purchased a LTR 5R in .308 last year. It’s mounted with a Primary arms 4-14X44 Orion Reticle FFP scope with a GGG-1199 Accucam QD 30mm intergral ring base which is shared with a Remington 788 in .223. The reticle is for .308/.223/30-06. The scope repeats well on both rifles. I live in South Dakota and I’m lucky to have access to a 600 yard range. I’ve been hunting and shooting most of my 70 years and consider myself a average shot. Both rifles are sighted at 100 yards and hitting steel targets with ease at 400 yards and planning to shoot 600 yards weather next outing depending on the wind. I really enjoy shooting the LTR and have shoot 500 + rounds with a stock rifle using sand bags and factory trigger setting.


I purchased an LTR this week. After 15 years as a police sniper on SWAT, it was time to buy my own. I like the more compact LIGHTER LTR. I deployed for years with the 700P and also the DPMS SASS. I shot today for the first time. Three .5 groups consistently from 100 yards bench with a Harris bipod and pinch bag. Anxious to see how it settles down with break in and cleaning. As of now, impressed.


I have a question I’m hoping someone can help answer. I bought a 700P about a year ago. I was told by the gentleman I purchased it from that it’s from the late 90’s or so (for sure pre freedom group). It has a detachable 4 round box mag. Is this a rare rifle? I cannot seem to find many like it.


For a few years they made most (if not all) of the 700P rifles with the pinch style DBM. Its not a bad setup and works okay. While all 700Ps are “relatively” rare in comparison to most model 700 rifles, its not uncommon to find them and they do not bring any extra money on the collector market. Good rifles though.

gary cutbirth

I bought my 300rum 700p some 20 odd years ago. it weighs 17 pounds have actually blown up a couple of scopes on it. but I have done 1200 yards shots with it and I absolutely love this rifle.

Robert Fraser

Hi there I’m here in Scotland, I’ve recently bought a 6.8 spc with 20″ barrel, with three flutes. It shoots amazingly well.


I purchased a Remington 700P in 7 Rem Mag from a gent and it has a green/grey finish on all the metal. Did Remington make such a rifle or is this something else? If they did, are they of any value? I have not shot it yet and curious if they are typically accurate rifles. Thanks, Rick


Can you provide a picture? I’m not sure I understand what the finish looks like. All 700Ps came parkerized, which is a dull and very matt grey that absorbs oils quite well and is one of its preservation properties. But this also means it can take on a greyish or greenish tint depending on if it was exposed to certain types of liquids. Beyond that, I am not aware of Remington applying any other metal finishes to 700Ps. If it is a cerakote or other professional finish, it was likely applied after market.


I don’t believe they ever made the 700P in .17, but they did the Varmint, which is the same barreled action, just different metal finish and stock.


Greetings from Sweden.
I like my LTR, shoots better than me:-) My Ltr shoots best with heavy bullets, oddly enough. One thing bothers me, the pistolgrip is to small. The riflestock is a real quality one, but simply to small.
And I’m average, maybe smaller than average. My hands! Talking about hands here…..
So, I dont want to replace the quality stock, maybe build up the pistolgrip with epoxy.


Yeah, this has been a long standing problem with the LTR stocks and one we have spoken of before. Typically we have to curl our pinky under the pistol grip because of the size, and like you, we do not have big hands.
Personally, I’m not sure I’d try to build it up, but if you are good with fiberglass, that would probably be the way I would suggest. Us…we just got used to curling our pinky under the pistol grip

Greg Paterson

I have owned the LTR in 308 and it was an excellent shooter. My first heavy barreled rifle. I recently purchased one in 223 and am pretty excited to see how it performs.

Joel Burri

Where is the original review of the police models ? Do you have it ?

Really like this page,excellent reviews


I’m a 700P LTR .308 owner and I’m Super happy with this rifle.
It loves quality handloads of Accubonds,A-max’ and Sierra’s . 150’s – 168grn ~.010 of lands. IMR4064
Very impressive ragged holes @100 when I’m doing my part Scary accurate , she’ll last me the rest of my days, has put a lot of Whitetails in the freezer in 14yrs I’ve owned it.
Bought it from SniperPX $900 bare……


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