• Manufacturer: Remington
  • Model: SR8
  • Barrel: Remington hammer forged 5R
  • Barrel Length: 27" (685.8mm) with 2" (50.8mm) muzzle brake
  • Twist: 1:11.5" RH
  • Magazine: 5 Shot detachable box magazine.
  • Trigger: 40x Adjustable
  • Stock: HS Precision, adjustable for length of pull. (Same as M24 SWS.)
  • Weight: 15.75 lbs (7.16 kg)
  • Overall Length: 47" - 49" (1193.8 - 1244.6mm)
  • Additional Notes: This rifle never entered production, but Remington did build a similar rifle called the MLR. Essentially it was a 700P chambered in .338 Lapua

The SR8 was an experimental rifle project by Remington and now falls into the historical reference section of Sniper Central. The current Remington 700P MLR project is based on things learned from this prototype.

The SR8 was designed in response to a request that the Italian Army was looking to buy new sniper rifles in .338 Lapua. So the boys at Remington came up with a rifle based on their M700 Long Action, and utilizing the trigger from the M24. The rifle is distantly related to the M24, it shares the same stock and trigger. The barrel even has the same 5R rifling, but 1 twist in 11.5″ compared to 11.2″ on the M24. The bolt face had to be modified to to accept the wide rim of the .338 Lapua, so the standard extractor would not work, so Remington used a Sako style extractor instead.

Of course, I have had no direct experience with the rifle, but from what I hear, its a real shooter, as they should be because the prototype rifles are all custom made.

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