Just another daily Situation Report for the Sniper Central Rebuild. We have gotten all of the rifle order pages rebuilt. As well as the status pages, payment pages and other parts that go with the rifle package pages. You can see all our packages here:

Sniper Central Custom & Factory Rifle Packages

While we are talking about rifle packages, we are currently working on three new rifle offerings. First, the SC DMR rifle that is an SPR grown up into the AR10 platform. Then we have ideas for a SC SWS package that is our unique twist on a traditional SWS, a little old school, non chassis setup. The third is the second in our Heritage line of rifles, the SC Mk13Mod2.

But we have a lot to do before we get there. Such as…getting the content back up ASAP! This part should go much faster than the rifles and class pages. Thanks again for your support during this difficult time.

Sniper Central

Gratuitous Photos to Follow – All SC package rifles


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