Sniper Central Precision Marksman School – Advanced

Course Description
This three day course is intended as a followup to our Basic Precision Marksman course is focused on reinforcing the concepts and lessons taught in the basic course as well as introduce more advanced concepts and techniques. The SC Precision Marksman – Basic course is a prerequisite to attending this school. A similar course from a different training facility can be substituted in place of our PM-Basic course provided proof of attendance is can be verified. (Send a copy of certificate, etc) The course starts where the basic course ended with long range unknown distance shooting and then moves into additional advanced topics. Depending on the location of the class, these topics can include moving targets, high angle shooting, calculating hold overs and hold offs, rapid fire engagements, stress fire and alternate firing positions including off hand firing and snap shots. The course is taught in a manner to promote learning in a friendly manner with an emphasis on quality shooting, not quantity. This course is open to LE, Military and Civilians. There is a decent amount of walking and other physical stresses including potentially hot and cold temperatures as well as wet weather, so please be prepared. The class is open to Canadians and other foreign students as well, but be aware that if you plan to bring and use your own firearm from out of country, there are ATF regulations that need to be followed. It is not difficult, but the paperwork does require a little bit of time to get approved from the ATF. Contact the ATF for more info.

A limited number of rifles, spotting scopes, and other equipment are available for rent.

Packing list:

  • Rifle capable of 1 MOA or better, capable of 1000 yard shooting and zeroed.
  • Ballistic card, ballistic software or dope sheets for your rifle and ammo for ranges from 100-1000 yards.
  • Bipod or portable shooting rest (sand bags).
  • Hearing and eye protection are required.
  • Most firing will be done from the prone position on the ground, bring a matt if you would like.
  • Writing utensil and paper for taking notes.
  • Spotting scope (and tripod) per two person team, if you are coming by yourself, bring one.
  • Binos
  • Rear sand-sock recommended but not required.
  • 200+ rounds of quality match grade ammunition, all the same load, preferably the same lot.
  • Wet weather gear
  • Sunblock, hats, sunglasses, etc. Weather can be hot or cold and the range is at 5000ft elevation.
  • Food, housing, transportation to and from the range, etc. is your responsibility.

Butte Montana
Polson, Montana

All of our instructors are former military and/or Law Enforcement trained personnel with an extensive backgrounds in long range tactical shooting and firearms instruction. Take a moment to get to know each of our instructors and their background. We insure that ALL of our instructors are of the highest quality, easy to talk with, and that they have a true passion for teaching the art of long range shooting to all students.

Sniper Central Instructors

Class size: 12 shooters
223 Rem – 300 Win Mag (contact us if you plan to use .223 or larger than .300 Win Mag)