Okay, a quick situation report on where we are at with Sniper Central. All of the thousands of images on Sniper Central luckily were not impacted, but they needed to be re-synchronized with the new database in order to be used. That process has been completed as of about 10 minutes ago. So that means all of those images are now available as we rebuild the content pages. The rebuild process will now begin. Starting with the following priorities

  • Class Registration and Information pages
  • Rifle purchase, information and status pages
  • Then we will tackle the reviews and other content

Based off of the feedback we have been receiving (thank you everyone!) I think it will be good for us to continue with adding new pages and reviews that we already had in the works instead of waiting until we are done with what repairs we can. So if everyone can give us a week to get the framework back put together, and then we will start next week with getting back into adding more of the new content everyone loves. (First up we were planning part-one of a series on rifle camouflaging methods).

I would still love to continue to hear what everyone would like us to add different to the rebuilt site as we go, so please keep commenting and emailing.

In the mean time, to celebrate our first hurtle of getting all of the images back up on SC, here are some gratuitous rifle pictures.



Good learning experience on your end about redundant site backups. Also, I don’t know what your site hosting setup is, but you might want to seriously look into it. Any serious hosting company would never, ever, allow that to happen.

Jon Lynn

You can also use this as an opportunity to ‘refresh’ the rifle scopes. The way the top producers have endlessly changed the lines of scopes, it would probably be a small positive. It was you reviews of the optics that originally drew me in to your page years ago when I was living in Germany.

Clayton E Sitarz

Hi Mel: I sent you some of the news letters I have stored in my computer. I hope it will help you. Im not good at this computer stuff . Let me know if it helped you out or not


Wow, data cleansing for sure.
Fresh start will be great.
I, for one, will be checking more often to see how SC- A1 shapes up.

Maybe an article on the basics of grab and go if/when SHTF.


Gratuitous rifle photos are always welcome…. Great to see your progress, Mel.

Mark Wise

Great to see you back in action.
It was quite a shock seeing the ‘database error’ message the other day.

As others have already mentioned and you are now painfully aware…multiple backups with a confirmation test restore every quarter or less as the situation requires.


Besides having backups, the most important aspect of business continuity is TESTING those backups regularly !!!

I also have some news letters I can forward, if that would help. Well hecque, I might have all of them back to 2015. Do u need them ??

While I probably posted on the forum more than anyone else, I had stopped due to the approval process, which in essence, prevented me from doing any last minute editing. So, need to rethink security on the forum to block out bots and allow smoother experience for posters.

Glad to see u moving forward !!!


Thanks Kansas. If you could email those newsletters to me, I would appreciate it. I think I have them all, but never hurts to be sure!

In regards to the forums, we actually did not make a change there. I think something happened on a recent update to the forums software that made you have to get approval. And it was only for a few people. It was weird. Sorry about that. Forums are a bit further down the priority list before they come back.

Dave Coleman

Hi Mel,
A review on the various Mauser actions would be fantastic. Thanks for suggesting it, its bloody hard trying to find accurate information on mauser actions nowadays with push feeds now king. What ever happened to quality and remembering the debt we all owe the mauser brothers. If possible some history on fixed power scopes used in the first and second world wars.
Thanks again your devoted Aussie Dave.


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