Sniper Central Stalking Course

Stalking is one of those skills that is admired, but difficult to learn as there is just not a lot of opportunities to be taught or to train doing it. That is where the Sniper Central Stalking Course (SCSC) comes in. Have you ever wanted to learn the finer point of camouflage and concealment? How and where to construct a hide? Or to actually try your hand at stalking to within 200 yards of a quarry and take a shot undetected? Those are some of the skills you will not only learn at our Stalking Course, but also get experience doing with actual observers.

Stalking is a difficult task as it can take hours of crawling, so it is expected that students will come prepared to spend some time getting to know the earth as you crawl over rocks, dirt, weeds and more. The good part is that it generally can be a lot of fun, and some very valuable skills are taught and honed. This course does not involve any shooting of live ammunition. There will be blank rounds fired and provided if your rifle is a .308. If you plan to bring your own rifle that is not chambered in .308, you will need to bring at least 20 rounds of blanks for your give rifle.

This class is an individual class though if a couple of students wish to stalk as a team, it is permissible. We will also be discussing camouflaging techniques including the construction of a ghillie suit, but there will not be enough given class time to construct a full ghillie suit. We also want to reiterate that this class involves a good amount of crawling, be prepared.

Packing List

  • Rifle chambered in .308. If your rifle is a semi-auto, you will either need a blank firing adapter, or be willing to cycle the bolt by hand.
  • If your rifle is chambered for something other than .308, you will need to bring 20 blank rounds
  • Bipod for your rifle is advisable
  • Durable clothing that will last several days of intense crawling. Camouflage or earth colors recommended.
  • Elbow and knee pads if desired, make sure they are suitable for crawling.
  • Water containers to use while stalking, such as a camel back.
  • Face paint. At least brown/tan and black. Green and others optional
  • Gloves are recommended
  • Rifle case and rucksack/duffelbag to transport equipment to stalking lanes
  • Multi-tool such as leatherman
  • Writing utensil and notepad for note taking during class

Missoula, MT

We insure that ALL of our instructors are of the highest quality, easy to talk with, and that they have a true passion for teaching the art of stalking and fieldcraft to all students. Most of them have military and/or law enforcement training.

Sniper Central Instructors

Class Size: 12 Students