I am writing this official stance in response to the many requests I’ve been receiving in regards to the current shootings that are happening in the D.C. area. The comments I make in this statement are my own opinions and feelings and in no way indicate an official stance from any agency or company other than snipercentral.com and myself.

First and foremost I want to express my feelings of compassion and sadness to the families of the victims, may God be with you and your loved ones. I also want to express the fact that this shooter is a murderer and is not a sniper as we in the profession define snipers. We view our training and profession as an honorable profession that is used to save lives, either directly as in a Law Enforcement Marksman, or indirectly as a military sniper by preventing enemy soldiers from taking further allied soldiers lives. This profession is not a hobby, it is not an “enthusiasm”, it IS a professional duty that requires those that perform it to risk their lives on a near daily basis and requires extremely hard work to stay proficient enough to save other lives. I personally am no longer actively called upon to perform this duty, I do keep snipercentral.com, and my skills, up to date in order to provide a service to those that are putting their own safety aside to help save others. This current murderer fits NONE of the above definitions and should in no way be referred to as a sniper.

Further more, based on the evidence available from the shootings, I do not believe the shooter is sniper trained or a trained marksman, though he/she may be former military, and appears to be somewhat intelligent. All of the shots have been relatively easy and can be performed by an amateur with only a basic understanding of firearms. I will not go into the details that indicate why I believe this because of the ongoing investigation. I have additional thoughts and views on the shootings, but I will not elaborate on them here, that is not the purpose of this statement.

To conclude, I want to reiterate that the noble profession of a sniper should not be confused with a murderer and that the sniping community is appalled at the despicable and cowardly acts performed by this individual. I am also disappointed that our profession is being unjustly associated with the acts of this murderous individual and request that those that may read this try to refrain from referring to the murderer as a “sniper”. My faith lies in those that are working on this case, and they will bring this murderer to justice.

Melvin Ewing

Posted in 2002

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