• Manufacturer: Unique Alpine
  • Model: TPG-1
  • Caliber: .223 Rem
    .243 Win
    308 Win
    300 WM
    338 Lapua
  • Barrel: Heavy Contour, Stainless, recessed target crown
  • Barrel Length: 26" (660mm)
  • Twist: 6 Lands and Grooves, several twist rates available for each caliber.
  • Magazine: Detachable box magazine (DBM)
  • Trigger: Adjustable 2.1 - 4.58 OZ (60.0-130.0 gram)
  • Stock: Adjustable Synthetic
  • Weight: 19.4 pounds (8.815 KG) empty with S&B; 4-16x50mm PM11
  • Overall Length: 46.6" (1186 MM)
  • Additional Notes: 13.9 - 15" (355 MM - 390MM) Longer LOP can be acheived with an optional spacer

Many people have not heard of the TPG-1 or the company that produces it, Unique Alpine (UA). This is a European (German specifically) specialty rifle, much like we have over here in the USA. This rifle is a unique design built on UA’s own action and built with excellent craftsmanship. These rifles are exceptionally accurate, as this rifle in .300 WM consistently shoots well below .5 MOA and gets to .25 MOA or better without too much effort. Here is a 5 shot group fired with handloads which displays the accuracy potential of these rifles.

The magazine is detachable, though because it hangs down a fair amount, one needs to be careful when handling the rifle, as that magazine can get in the way. The stock has a true pistol grip that has a comfortable molded shape to fit the hand. The shape of the stock is well thought out, and is adjustable for length of pull and the cheek-piece is adjustable also. The trigger is also adjustable. Overall this rifle is very accurate, and well laid out. It is a chassis based rifle, with the stocks mounting to the chassis, as does the action. This is handy for field maintenance, though the overall weight of the rifle is hefty, and the rifle itself can be somewhat clumsy to wield fast or in tight spaces. It is more in line for long range prone shooting, where it excels. The rifles are expensive, and worse, not available in the USA. Perhaps that will change.


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