We normally post our class dates in October of the preceding year, but with the continuing uncertainty of the COVID-19 restrictions, we held off as long as we could in an effort to try and determine how best to handle hosting classes. Based on our current situation here in Montana and around the country, we felt comfortable scheduling at least a few classes for this year and we are now prepared to open those classes up for registration.

The class dates for 2021 are as follows:

Long Range Precision Marksman – Basic
28 Jun – 1 Jul 2021 (Butte, MT)
2 Aug – 5 Aug 2021 (Butte, MT)

Long Range Precision Marksman – Advanced
5 Aug – 7 Aug 2021 (Butte, MT)

Designated Marksman
10 Sep – 11 Sept 2021 (Polson, MT)

You can reserve your spot for these classes by following the links above

Thank you for your support and hopefully we can get back to a more normal schedule in 2022.

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