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Current Update

Updates on the site rebuild, Coronavirus and our classes, and upcoming articles

Rifle Camo Part 1

The first part of our hands on guide to rifle camouflage, using tape.

Shughart and Gordon

‘I will not fail those with whom I serve.’ On October 3, 1993 members of the elite US Army rangers and SOCOM’s Delta Force executed a mission to attempt the capture of Gen. Mohammed Farah Aidid. The opposition was much larger and better organized then originally thought and the mission began to take a turn… Read more »

Carlos Norman Hathcock II

Carlos Hathcock is perhaps the most famous American sniper out there. Chris Kyle would probably be the only other sniper with as much notoriety. Much of his popularity is well deserved as his legendary exploits during the Vietnam war set him apart as perhaps the most pure of the successful snipers. By pure we mean… Read more »

Marie Ljalkova

Marie Ljalkova pictured above with an SVT-40 sniper variant.

Roza Shanina

Roza Shanina became famous in the Soviet Union during World War 2 not only because she was an accomplished female sniper, but also because she was beautiful as well.

Yelizaveta Mironova

Yelizaveta was one of the more famous female snipers with the U.S.S.R. during W.W.II. Over 100 confirmed kills.