Tactical Tracking – Level 1

The Level 1 Tactical Tracking course is being offered through Sniper Central and taught with our partners at Nortrack Canada. This course will cover the fundamentals of tracking a quarry for both tactical reasons as well as rescue operations. The class is ideal for sniper/spotter teams, tracking teams, search and rescue teams, as well as many other combat or first responder teams. A graduate will understand the basics of identifying sign or trace, tracking unit configurations, quarry behavior, tactical considerations, and many more topics. The five day class is taught through a combination of classroom work and field exercises, culminating in an end of class training exercise to test the skills and understanding of the students in a realistic setting. For a detailed description of our experience attending this course for the first time, read here.

Tracking is a difficult task that is only truly learned by gaining experience in the field. It is expected that students will come prepared to spend some time getting to know the terrain around where the class is being taught. Students should be in relatively good health and able to traverse multiple miles on foot in a single day and in all weather conditions.

This class does not involve the use of firearms, though sticks and other mock weapons will be used to illustrate operating as a tactical tracking team. While the class is focused on tactical tracking, it is equally suitable for search and rescue and first responder team members.

Packing List

  • Two pair of clothing that is suitable for the environment and weather conditions. Please no shorts or other ‘casual’ clothing or footwear that is not suitable for hiking through the woods or climbing mountains.
  • Rain Gear and warm layers
  • Water containers to use while tracking, such as a camel back, canteens, or a small backpack with water and snacks.
  • Measuring Tape
  • Sunscreen and Insect repellant is strongly advised.
  • Gloves are recommended
  • Small binoculars, compass, and other land navigation aids are encouraged.
  • Writing utensil and notepad for note taking during class and in the field. Weather proof advised.
  • Red Lens Flashlight.
  • First Aid Kit
  • Duty gear

Missoula, MT
Butte, MT
Dillon, MT
Others per request

We insure that ALL of our instructors are of the highest quality, easy to talk with, and that they have a true passion for teaching the art of stalking and fieldcraft to all students. Most of them have military and/or law enforcement training.

Sniper Central Instructors

Max Class Size: 20 Students