Sniper Profile

  • Country of Origin: U.S.A.
  • Conflict: VIetnam
  • Confirmed Kills: 93
  • Weapon Used: Winchester M70 Target Rifle in 30-06 (First Tour) and M40 (2nd Tour)

Carlos Hathcock is perhaps the most famous American sniper out there. Chris Kyle would probably be the only other sniper with as much notoriety. Much of his popularity is well deserved as his legendary exploits during the Vietnam war set him apart as perhaps the most pure of the successful snipers. By pure we mean someone who is a master of the fieldcraft and not just the marksmanship and the way he operated is what comes to mind when someone thinks of what a sniper does. While he was a world class marksman, having won the Wimbledon Cup 1000 yard competition against the best in the world, he was more a Hunter Of Gunmen (HOG) in its purest sense. He did not glorify or revel in killing, he was just very effective at protecting his fellow soldiers. There were others during the Vietnam War who had more confirmed kills, but it would be hard to prove there was anyone better.

On Feb 23, 1999, at about 6:00 AM EST, Carlos Norman Hathcock II passed away. He is remembered as a true American Hero, a legendary sniper, and a gentleman. Below you will find some reading from various members of society that came about after he passed away.

Personal Encounters with Carlos

Newspaper Eulogies

Other Interesting Reading

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