• Manufacturer: Sig Sauer
  • Model: SSG 3000 (original version)
  • Caliber: 308 Win (7.62x51mm NATO)
  • Barrel Length: 24" (610mm)
  • Twist: 1:12" RH, 4 Lands & grooves
  • Magazine: 5 round detachable box magazine
  • Stock: Sig Sauer composite stock
  • Weight: 11.9 lbs (5.4kg)
  • Overall Length: 46.46" (1180mm)

Here is some information about the older original SIG SSG 3000 sniper rifle. To read the review on the new version, just head to our full SSG 3000 review.

Made in Switzerland, the SSG 3000 is a extremely well made rifle. It is modular in design, and the stock is of laminated wood and ventilated. The bolt has six lugs and locks into the barrel. There is a rail under the forearm to take accessories. The rifle comes standard with a Hendsoldt scope, but the rings are standard so that can be switched out. Sig has an extremely good reputation for high quality, very accurate weapons, I expect even better from this rifle with accuracy in the .5 MOA or better range.

Sig has made a few modifications to the rifle and now imports them into the U.S.A. This is good news for both Sig and the US shooting public, as I think its a very fine rifle and should be successful in the US Market.

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