Just to continue with our daily situation report. All of the class and training pages are back online and working properly. You can now register for our classes again. Speaking of which, we have one slot left in our Long Range Advance classes and a few left in our Designated Marksman class. The registrations have been a bit slow on the stalking class, we would love to teach some more people the finer point of stalking!

Time to move to the rifle packages.
Now it is time to move on to getting the rifle package pages back up so people can place rifle orders and check the status of their existing builds. Once we get those back online (tomorrow maybe?) then it’ll be back to the core content including reviews. We’ll also get going on some new content to keep those of you waiting for the new content happy.

Its a slow and long slog…but we are getting it.

Mel & The Sniper Central Team

PS – More gratuitous photos below:

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