Obviously, all of our veteran’s should be honored more than just one day a year, but it is nice to take a moment to think back and reflect on all of those that have fought, or were prepared to fight, for the freedoms of not only this great country, but for all those around the world that seek basic freedoms. Snipers play a small, but unique and vital role in the defense of these freedoms, providing a precise means of dealing with difficult threats, and an extremely capable scout to provide hard to obtain HUMINT and eyes on target capability that few others can.

Our veterans are one of our most cherished resources in this country. Their skills and knowledge, and especially their sense of duty and passion to protect, offer our society a valuable resource that should be acknowledged and utilized, but unfortunately are more often forgotten. Twenty years of war has resulted in many veterans that sometimes feel lost and a society that has grown accustomed to veterans all around us and that no longer recognizes their value…and their needs.

If you are a Veteran, you have not been forgotten! If you are a civilian that knows a veteran but does not know how to approach them, don’t worry about it and just do it. They are normal and there is a good chance they just need to hear their efforts were appreciated, so just say hi and reach out. We are all different with different backgrounds and beliefs…but we are all American’s and we can lift each other up.

Thank you to all of our Veteran’s, from any branch and from any time period. You are all valuable. Of course, a special thank you to the snipers as well. What we do, or did, is a bit odd, but valuable.

To read about some exceptional sniping veteran’s, visit the below pages:

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